What is TRC-10 Token?

What is TRC-10 Token?

TRC-10 is a technical standard for tokens, support of which can be provided by TRON Blockchain without a necessity to deploy the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). The easiness of issuing a TRC-10 token makes it a great way for teams to gauge interested in their project without spending a lot of money on development.

TRC10 tokens have been available since the mainnet launch of Tron, when it moved from Ethereum to its own blockchain.

TRC10 – A favorite ICO token

Most of the Tron-based tokens you see are TRC10 tokens. And TRC10 is a favorite ICO token. This is because they are extremely easy to create!

Even if you have no programming knowledge, you can create a TRC10 token in a few simple steps:

  1. Acquire 1024 TRX
  2. Go to Tronscan.org (a Tron blockchain explorer, where you can see Tron transactions and more)
  3. Create a wallet (go to the upper right part of the screen and click Sign In > Import a Wallet > Create Wallet)
  4. Send 1024 TRX to your Tronscan wallet
  5. Go to Tronscan’s page for creating TRC10 tokens and fill out the required items (Token Name, Token Abbreviation, Total Supply, Brief Introduction, Official Website, Issuing Exchange Rate in TRX e.g. 1 TRC10 token = 1 TRX)

The easiness of issuing a TRC10 token makes TRC10 a great way for teams to gauge interest in their project without spending a lot of money on development.

Another reason that makes TRC10 a favorite ICO token is its free in most cases, only costing bandwidth making it a perfect initial token to gauge the interest of the investment community. Most major wallets support the TRC10 tokens which make it easier for investors to subscribe to the ICO.

The only downside these TRC10 tokens have is that its supply cant be increased after the tokens have been created however they can be burned by sending them to TRON’s burn address.

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