Tiktakbtc Fee Schedule

Fee will be automatically deducted from your account when the user confirms the transaction.

Tiktakbtc offers the cheapest transaction fees for users. The transaction fees at Tiktakbtc are not fixed, but equal to the transaction fees on blockchain, without surcharges.

In particular, with token built on blockchain network, transaction fee will be charged to the native coin/token of that blockchain. For example:

  • Tether USD (USDT) listed and exchanged at Tiktakbtc is an ERC20 token. Therefore, the transaction fee is calculated by Ethereum (ETH), with a very small fee, only a few thousand VND.
  • Tiktakbtc Exchange Coin (TXC) and Vietnamdong Token (VNDT) are TRC-10 tokens built by Tiktakbtc on TRON Blockchain network. Therefore, the transaction fee of these coins is calculated by TRX, with a fee of 0.