What is TRON (TRX)? Everything you need to know about TRX

Tron (TRX) is a blockchain platform launched as the foundation for a decentralized entertainment ecosystem. Tron focuses on expanding the market of decentralized digital content applications by making it easier to create and deploy them.

On June 25, 2018, TRON’s MainNet was launched, and the ERC20-based TRX has migrated to TRON’s MainNet.

Like Ethereum, TRON supports both smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Tronix (TRX), the native token of Tron Blockchain, is designed to be used for making transactions on the blockchain, but it can also be used elsewhere much like Bitcoin.

Tron is a rather ambitious blockchain project that’s officially aiming to be a decentralized internet, an app store, a digital content store, and a cryptocurrency.

Key Features of Tron

In the era when all the content creation on the Internet is in the hands of conglomerates like Apple, YouTube, Google, etc., Tron will put the power of owning content, back into the hands of users. By using the features of the blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology, TRON eliminates intermediaries and allows content creators to connect directly with customers.

Some of the benefits of using this cryptocurrency are:

Data Liberation

One of the major benefits of Tron is that it will offer free and uncontrolled data to its users to have the original owner of their created content.

Fast Transaction rate

Since the currency is potentially advanced than ETH, and all its other competitors, it will provide high transaction rate of approximately 10,000 TPS. Also, TRX can handle over 2,000 transactions per second around the clock.

Zero Transaction fee

Tron will charge zero to ultra-low transaction fees to transfer currency from one source to another.

Consistent Coinburn

The coinburn will occur if a new dApp will register on the blockchain platform, thereby reducing the overall supply chain.

This means, higher the popularity of the platform, higher will be the number of dApps, and higher will be the coinburn.

Strong Extensibility

Due to the rising popularity of the Tron’s founder, Justin sun, the coin before its launch, already has 100 million users. Therefore, it will surely have solid support from many dApps thereby increasing its usage.

Personal ICO:

With Tron, the users will be able to start their own ICO’s by giving their digital currencies.

Supports Java

Unlike other digital currencies that use complex programming languages, Tron’s open platform is built on JavaScript. It means it will be much easier to write Smart Contracts and develope dApps.

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Overall, with flexible protocols and great ambitions and clear strategic steps, TRON is one of the leading decentralized blockchain projects today. Besides, the effective support of experienced people in this space is also an important factor contributing to the development of the project. Not too much to say this is a very potential project. Currently, more than 3.1 million TRON wallets have been created and this number has continued to increase, this is enough to see the appeal of this project.

Since leaving the Ethereum Blockchain, TRON project as well as the TRX have made great strides, making TRON an attractive project for investors. And with the growing popularity, owning an crypto wallet for storing TRX is becoming increasingly necessary.

Criteria when choosing a TRX Wallet

Not only TRON (TRX) but other crypto wallets also need the following factors to ensure the security and good for users.

  • Private key: Defined as a password for you to login to your crypto wallet. And of course, make sure that only you know your private key.
  • Easy to use: Has a friendly interface, especially fast speed.
  • Development community: There is an active development community and long-term support.
  • Backup and security: This is a necessary function when customers want to protect their accounts better and more flexible.
  • Compatibility: The wallet must be programmed to be compatible with the current popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, mac, Android, iOs.

Make sure the crypto wallet you choose meets the above criteria before selecting. If it does not meet the above requirements, you should consider more carefully.

Some of the best wallets to store TRON (TRX)

  • Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S
  • Hardware Wallet Trezor
  • Web Wallet Tronscan
  • Desktop Wallet Exodus
  • Tron Wallet Chrome
  • Tron Wallet iOS
  • Tron Wallet Android
  • Paper Wallet
  • TRON Wallet of Tiktakbtc

Go to the Tiktakbtc website: https://tiktakbtc.net/en/ and click Login on the top right side.

If you do not have an account at Tiktakbtc, please enter this link: How to Register and Update the account information

1. Deposit

Step 1: Click Wallet, click Deposit or you can click DEPOSIT button (green button)

Step 2: Choose Tron (TRX)

Step 3: You are going to see your address. You can copy your address or scan QR code to send the amount of bitcoin from others to your wallet at Tiktakbtc.

2. Withdraw

Step 1: Click Wallet, click Withdraw or you can click WITHDRAW button (yellow button)

Step 2: Choose Tron (TRX)

Step 3: Insert properly the information about: your addressquantity.

After all, click WITHDRAW.

There is a withdrawal notification, insert Google Authenticator code (or not), then click WITHDRAW.

3. Buy

Step 1: Click Exchange, click Buy/Sell

Step 2: Choose TRX/VNDT and click Exchange

Step 3: Enter the number of TRX that you want to purchase. Then, click CONTINUE.

There is a confirmation. You will confirm and enter Google Authenticator (or not), then click Buy to finish the buying process completely.

4. Sell

Step 1: Click Exchange, click Buy/Sell

Step 2: Choose TRX/VNDT and click Exchange

Step 3: Enter the number of TRX that you want to sell and then you click CONTINUE.

There is a confirmation. You will confirm and enter Google Authenticator (or not), then click Sell   to finish .

If you have any questions in using services of Tiktakbtc, please feel free to contact with us through: https://support.tiktakbtc.net/We are already to support you anytime.

Good luck!  

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